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Our Story

The Only Constant Is Change, Let’s Make It Positive

A Little More Good is a company for, and about, the little things. The small changes that anyone can make in their everyday life. The articles we write, the events we support, and the organizations we work with are all part of our quest to make it easy to create positive change.

A Company Built on Optimism

A Little More Good was founded on one simple idea: promote the good. With that in mind, we profile good ideas, good causes, and good companies. From social activism to sustainability to improving the world around you, we believe that everyone wants to be a part of something positive. We exist to help people find their niche in the city and get involved. Our aim is to make it easier for people to do good in their communities and help our readers add a little more good to their daily routine.

When we started working with advertisers, we realized that their ad budgets could be better spent on their social missions, so we decided that our site would always be ad free. We also realized that social media and blogging, although important, were often the last priority for these businesses and often overlooked. We agreed that solving the world’s problems were more important than tweeting, so we began to offer social media and content services to values based businesses, basically social media for social good. This way we all get to do what we’re best at.


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Our Vision: Making it easy to create positive change.

Core Values

When the going gets tough, we always come back to our guiding principles. Here are the seven things that matter most to us and keep us on the right track.


We’re looking for real people doing real things that create a real impact. If our cow poop alarm is ringing, you can bet we’re not going to do a feature. If we say a place is great, it’s because we’ve been there.


As far as we can tell there are only two things in the world that you get one of: a planet and a life. We intend to take very good care of both. We’re constantly looking at new ways to be more sustainable in our business practices as well as in our everyday lives.


If we’re not having fun, what are we doing? Happy people are more fun than unhappy people. Doing fun things makes people happy. By making social change fun, more people will help and thus become happier. Everybody wins.


Eco-warriors, animal rights activists, people helpers and philanthropists, we are all on the same team. We are building a family of changemakers to make things better. Love, laughs and the occasional kick in the butt included.


We do what we say we’re going to do. We won’t feature any company, cause or person that we’re not 100% proud of. If we plan something and it doesn’t happen, we’ll explain why. Transparency is the new black.


We know that everyone wants to be a part of something positive and that together, we can make a big difference. If you’re going to be all pessimistic about the challenges we’re facing, hit the road, we’re not into it. That being said, if you change your mind, we’ll be here, high fives at the ready.


We don’t want everyone to become vegan monks with no possessions or bad moods. We focus on the easy things you can do each day. Things you can build into your everyday life that make little changes. No one’s perfect, we’re ok with that.