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Just One Tree Envisions A Treerific Future

When life gives you lemon trees, register those suckers. Just One Tree is one extremely focused organization. The immediate goal? Register all lemon trees in San Francisco. The long-term plan? Start by making San Francisco self-sufficient in lemon production, and then move on to other produce.

Just One Tree is launched under the umbrella organization Urban Resource Systems, whose goal is to encourage cities to produce more of their own resources. Projects in the past have included a compost drive with the zoo, and the San Francisco Greenhouse Project, a combined agriculture / education initiative. What’s neat about the lemon tree project is it envisions a future where the city grows at least the majority of its food, but it starts small, with just one crop, to make the whole plan more manageable. Today, lemons. Tomorrow, the world.

Photo: justonetree.org

Why lemons? Because lemons are versatile: useful for food, drink, and even cleaning products. Beyond that, lemons can grow in San Francisco, and do grow, year round. The basic idea is, if we can grow lemons here in our own backyard (literally), why are we having lemons sent up from Southern California? As if we needed one more reason to resent SoCal!

Just One Tree is running a massive publicity campaign to get out the word about registering your lemon tree, and their website involves lemon recipes, lists of resources if you want to buy and plant your own lemon tree, and a lemon tree map of San Francisco, where you can see all the registered lemon trees in one spot. Next time you spot a lemon tree, ask the owner if they’ve registered it. The goal is 12,000 trees, so every lemon counts.

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