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nourishment. awareness. community. the faces of FARMACIE

a wee lass from the prairies, i always dreamed of saddling up a palomino pony and tossing my hair as i rode off into the sunset through the rolling landscape of the Alberta foothills. that being said, any time i ever spent on a farm largely consisted of picking my way around road apples and turning my nose to the copious amounts of varied smells. since moving to the coast, my understanding of ‘farm’ has most definitely shifted as has my interest in getting the word out about people, programs and groups that are inspiring a deeper conversation around the impact that sustainable farming (sans horses…) can have on local and global communities. the lovely ladies behind this August 15th’s FARMACIE long table dinner at UBC Farm are such people – out to educate, create awareness, inspire and build community – all around the ‘f’ word. ‘food’. meet Jen Savory and Britney (Brit) Gill – this week’s two Faces of Farmacie — and Friday.

Jen Savory, chilling at the UBC farm - photo cred: www.farmacie.ca

Jen Savory, chilling at the UBC farm – photo cred: www.farmacie.ca

Jen Savory, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, moved to Vancouver in mid-2012 on a mission to complete an internship for her Masters Degree in International Project Management. as she worked with imagine1day as their Online Communications Guru she also took up employment at the lululemon athletica on West 4th in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood. it was through stepping into her groove at the store that she met Brit Gill, a budding graphic designer/photographer, also in hot pursuit of an internship. as fate my have it, imagine1day just so happened to be looking for someone with Brit’s skill set. thus, the puzzle pieces fell into place and Britt and Jen both found themselves engaged in projects (also known as ‘creatributions‘) that were elevating local communities with a global reach to areas in Ethiopia where imagine1day provides aid through quality education and education system development. little did they know their own form of creatribution was going to develop – in a big way. and so, Brit and Jen began to brainstorm. bringing together Brit’s passion for education and

Brit Gill at one with the site of next week's dinner - photo cred: www.farmacie.ca

Britt Gill becoming one with the site of next week’s dinner – photo cred: www.farmacie.ca

awareness around local and global food systems with how they can be healed, coupled with Jen’s love of community, connection and creating experiences that bring people together, the concept of an event focussed on conscious food choices and connecting community members came to be. getting it down to a long table dinner wasn’t far behind the initial idea. the name came next. bring together the concept of taking the dinner to a farm (connecting us to our food sources) and the idea of healing food systems (and this space being the place to get what you need to heal it) and you get FARMACIE. a night of nourishing connections. human to human, human to food, food to farm, farm to community. and everything in between.

the evening has been thought out to every detail. from group transportation (if you want to take the big ol’ bus to the venue – parking is available – but who wants to drive anyways?), to local vendors participating in the evening to share their businesses and connect to the community, to the impressive lineup of chefs providing each course (still somewhat under wraps – but let me tell you, NO ONE will be disappointed), the complete experience has been intentionally  planned. from initial idea to today – one week out from the dinner – it would be hard to believe that either of them would know the reach that the event would create, the conversations it would start and the support that the Vancouver local/sustainable/food conscious community would provide.

these two chicks are taking on something big. it’s more than 100 people interacting with one another, checking out local artistry and craft, sampling spirits native to the West Coast and dining on some of Vancouver’s finest and consciously created dishes. these passionate ladies are creating conversation around connection to and the development of our local food sources. they’re educating those that attend on the choices at their finger tips for not only eating in a more sustainable way, but that also inspires our local economy and keeps small businesses alive. and, they’re creating impact in more ways than one: imagine1day will be able to further their work overseas, attendees gain insight and understanding, vendors and chefs get to share their passions and inspire more local love.

this is an evening not to be missed. from juicy chats with friends old and new, to a mouth watering meal and beer/wine a-plenty, memories will be made, lessons will be learned and #locallove will be flowing all night long. way to bring the table to the farm, girls.

follow Farmacie on twitter and Instagram, check them out on facebook and get onto their website to keep up to date with the ‘things they heart’ and their blog – goodness abounds!

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