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it’s the #tightlife. meet keighty gallagher.

what gets you out of bed at 6:30 on a wednesday morning? perhaps if you knew that a j-lo worthy booty and some new friends were possible, would you jump up and strap on your trainers? Keighty Gallagher – founder of Tight Club and co-conspirator behind the Tight Life – says yes. as do the Morning Glory attendees and Tight Club Night Club regulars. as this week’s Face of Friday, Keighty has started something around the ‘F’ word that makes movement accessible – to everyone. #tight is #good.

miss keighty gallagher – c/o www.tightclubvancouver.com/about

as a competitive athlete growing up, movement was a way of life for Keighty. her very much successful stint as a high school track athlete led to a move to Portland, Oregon for her post secondary education. it was in Portland and as she dove into her college experience that she started to recognize there was a lot going on in Portland outside of the ‘athletes circle’ and that creativity and involvement in the city was something that really called to her. through an internship with a local snowboard company, she realized that there was a way to integrate her background in sport into something that could make an impact for those outside of the athletic industry. it was here that she recognized her ability to support and entertain through sport and showcase epic athletes – which in turn had her take a step back from her own athletic career and into some more of her true purpose.

in needing to move back to Canada (those dang visas….) Keighty saw Vancouver as being the closest parallel to the city, culture and lifestyle she had grown to know and love in Portland – so west she came. In landing in Vancouver, she kicked things off with a couple startups and began building her network in the city. Part of that network involved getting moving again – this time with some non-gym-loving-vancouverites who simply wanted to workout, but not in a traditional sense. leaning on a personal training certification and knowing how to train others with a HUGE sense of fun, Keighty started building towards what is now Tight Club – part of Tight Club Athletics.

tight club. it’s fun. c/o facebook.com/tightclubvancouver

Tight Club is founded on making ‘fitness’ (the new ‘F-word’) fun and accessible. it’s about building community through sweat and supporting one another in the journey towards getting ‘tight’. and, Keighty is at the helm of the fun bus, taking classes on runs through Strathcona and Chinatown, dropping it like it’s squat (#punny) and reminding us that Beyoncee’s booty IS hot AND attainable (work those glutes). in building community further, Keighty and two other passionate locals have collaborated to take the tightness one step further. Enter: Tight Life.

with a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a chef on board, the Tight Life is a three week program built on sweating as a group, built on having fun while doing them and built to give participants exposure to simple shifts they can apply to build into a sustainably-tight lifestyle. Tight Lifers get two to three workouts a week with Keighty, nutritious salads from Christina Culver (of Culver City Salads – who just launched a food truck into action – #boom) and nutrition coaching from Carley Mendes (creator of the keep it real food, 3 week challenge).  each pro brings their own story and experience to the table to elevate the crew experiencing the program and give them the 4.1.1 on ways to attain and sustain their tightest self. and that’s the beauty of this program – the sustainability piece. couple it with the support of the pros and coaching that goes into each and every participant and you’ve got a wholistic program aimed at supporting big changes in the lives of the peeps that take it on.

the trainer – keighty gallagher – c/o tightlife.com

Keighty’s spirit and creativity is no small force. from being a self-proclaimed ‘dumb jock’ to letting her creative-beastmode-liness come out and rear it’s head, she is living what it means to take something she’s rad at (all things movement) couple it with a savvy marketing and engagement mind (building a flippin’ rad fitness (had to say it) brand) to create an experience for her community.

Vancouver is picking up on her impact. another rad collaboration that’s come up as a result of building the Tight Club community, the lululemon lab is working on a collaborative Tight Club x lab line, dropping in the next week or so. inspired by Keighty’s street style, we’ll be able to look dang good while getting tight. might as well, right?

check out the Tight Club schedule for all the deets on classes, follow @tightclub on Instagram, and check out the Tight Life to get your booty into some new #radhabits.

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